Terms of Use

Terms of Use of wn8lab.com service

Read this carefully as using this service you agree to these terms of use.

§1 Definitions

1. Service - means website at the address wn8lab.com

2. User - everyone using the Service

3. Game - means World of Tanks game

4. Terms of use - means webpage at https://wn8lab.com/termsofuse address

5. Owner - means owner of the service, i.e. Błażej Walczak leaving in Łódź in Poland

6. Account - There are 3 types of accounts:
Test account - all features work but it will expire after 30 days, might be prolonged by us.
Premium account - full account - subscription costs 3 EUR ( or 12 PLN ) per year,
Expired account - Test or Premium account expired so data is collected only ones per week

7. Subscription - payed service provisioning computing power, algorithms and storage for data with a goal to deliver precise statistics for the user with resolution to single battles.

§2 Intellectual Rights

1. World of Tanks is a trademark of Wargaming.net

2. wn8lab.com is an independent from Wargaming.net service provided by its owner.

3. All rights to the code and algorithms of the Service belong to Service Owner.

§3 Service Promise

1. We try to run the service as good as we can but there is no guarantee that it will be available all the time without problems.

2. Premium account users we guarantee that the service will run correctly 95% of the time in calendar year. In case we fail to achieve 95% you are entitled to get 1/366 of the payed yearly subscription fee for each day below 95% of the time in calendar year.

3. You will find no ads in our service.

§4 User agreements

1. Registering to the service you agree that we will collect results of you game play in World of Tanks that is provisioned by public API of the game. (Note that everyone can collect and analyze this data as they are available via public API of the game.)

2. You agree to show your data to other users of the service.

3. Our service is using cookies. You can set your cookies preferences in your web browser.

§5 User rights and duties

1. You agree to use a service according to its purpose.

2. If you want to resign from the service you can contact us via mail.

3. In case you resign from the subscription you are not entitled to fee return.

4. You do agree to deliver Premium account immediately after payment is received by us and by that you resign from right to return the product. We deliver free Test Account, so you can make a conscious decision.

§6 Other regulations

1. We might end providing the service or limit its functionality at any time and your data might be destroyed. In such case you are entitled to get back 1/366 of the yearly subscription fee for each day of service outage.
To get money back you must contact us by mail within 30 days from end of service delivery.

2. You can contact us via e-mail at moc.bal8nw@tkatnok

3. Valid Terms of Use of the Service is available at https://wn8lab.com/termsofuse.
You should follow the terms of use to get familiar with changes.

4. The service is owned by:
kazclaW jeżałB
aksloP ,źdóŁ ,432-49