WN8 manual

How to increase WN8

First of all the main answer is LEARN TO PLAY BETTER....

.... BUT what can help is to understand WN8 a bit deeper and know what to focus on when you play.

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What impacts WN8 value

Only 5 values (ingredients) are taken into WN8 calculations:

  • Damage that you have made to enemies
  • Initial Spots that you made in the battles
  • Frags that you made in the battles
  • Base Defense points that clear during battles
  • Win Ratio
Not absolute values matter but the ratio of the value you make on the tank to something called Expected Values for that tank.

Expected values for each of the WN8 ingredients for each tank are now calculated every day by XVM team. They can change every day so even if you don't play your WN8 can change.

Easy way to check what are current expected values for each ingredient is to go to your profile on https://wn8lab.com. For each tank you can see if you are above or below expected value.

How different ingredients work

Damage always matter. It is the strongest ingredient of WN8. Going higher damage to expected damage ratio brings a lot of WN8 points. Damage has the biggest impact on WN8.

Second ingredient that always impact WN8 is your Win Ration. On the other hand it is the weakest ingredient. Maximum what you can get is 261 WN8 points from win ratio. So don't play for win ratio if you want to boost your WN8.

With the other three ingredients it is more complicated. They don't always impact WN8. Basically if your Damage ratio is not too high then they are turned off. Finally they have different impact on WN8. Out of these 3 the strongest is Frags then Spots and the weakest of them is Base Defense points.

So if we would like to order this ingredients from strongest to weakest ones impacting WN8 then the list would look like this:

  • Damage - strongest
  • Frags
  • Spots
  • Base Defense points
  • Win Ratio - weakest

If you would like to know which ingredients work for your WN8 then you can see that on your statistics page on wn8lab.com. It also shows how increasing ingredient to expected ratio will increase your WN8.

So as you see I can get over 16 WN8 points just increasing Damage to Expected Damage ratio by 1%
and I will get no increase when I increase Base Defense points to Expected Base Defense

Increasing WN8

A lot was already stated here but there is one more trick you can use to increase WN8.
By intuition you should play high WN8 tanks to quickly increase your WN8 ...
... but it is not exactly like that...
As the formula is complex it is much better to play tanks with high Damage to expected Damage ratio even if they have lower total WN8.

Hm... Complex but not that much. Again you can go to your wn8lab.com statistics page where you can see estimated WN8 grow when you play 100 battles on your tanks. Simple table explains what to do:

So magically T-44 is third on the list while according to WN8 it is thirteenth.

Also on E-25 I have lower WN8 than on Type-64... Magic formula.

WN8 is sometimes magic but in general you should try to play better to increase WN8 :-)